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Appointments & Fees

My secretary is Helen Morrissey. If you wish to book/change an appointment or if you have any queries about insurance companies/invoice payments, please contact Helen (+44 20 8392 4203 or during weekdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  If you need to contact me between appointments about any clinical matters, please telephone or email Helen who will pass these on to me.

Out of hours, I can be contacted via The Priory Hospital switchboard (+44 20 8876 8261).

I am able to see patients who self-fund, as well as those covered by healthcare insurance. I am accredited by all the major UK healthcare insurers (BUPA, AXA PPP, Cigna, Pru Health, AVIVA, Simply Health and WPA). If you wish to claim your consultation and treatment through your insurance policy, you will need to obtain a “pre-authorisation code” from your health insurer prior to the appointment. You will also need to provide me with a referral letter from your GP to access insurance funding.

“During the pandemic, I am offering Skype video consultations for new patients and telephone follow ups for those I am familiar with. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide my secretary with a reliable phone number to contact me for your scheduled appointment. If I am unable to reach you, and don’t call you within 10 minutes of your appointment time, you should call my secretary on 020 8392 4203 and ask to be connected to her”.

The fee for the initial consultation is payable on the day of the consultation and you will be given a receipt to claim the money back from your insurance company. Subsequent fees will generally be invoiced directly to your insurance company, once you have given my secretary full insurance details.

If you are claiming against Private Medical Insurance, please contact your provider prior to your appointment to obtain authorisation for the appointment and to establish the level of your cover, including any excess fee, which may be charged. On the day of your appointment you may be asked to pay for the consultation in full, at which time you will be issued with a receipt. It is this receipt that you need to reclaim the fees from your insurer.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I would like to clarify that my contract is with you and not with your insurance provider. The fees payable are ultimately your responsibility and I cannot become involved in correspondence with your insurance provider on your behalf regarding fees. Please note that some insurers require a written referral letter from your GP in order for you to make a claim. I may be required to provide a short report or complete a claim form for your insurer and will happily do so for no extra charge.


Initial consultation £400* (up to one hour)
Follow-up consultation £200* (up to 30 minutes)
Consultations that extend beyond these times will incur an additional charge of £100 per 15 minutes
* The fee may differ should there be a pre-arranged fixed rate with your insurance company.
Fees will be reviewed periodically so please ensure you are aware of current charges.

Telephone consultations for medical advice, detailed letters or emails concerning the monitoring or treatment of a particular condition will be charged for at the following rates:

Telephone calls £15 The fee will vary depending of the duration of the call.
Prescriptions £20 You will be charged separately by the chemist for the cost of the medication prescribed.
Emails £15 The fee may vary depending on the length of the email.
Sick certificates £25 The fee may vary depending on the length of the letter.
To Whom It May Concern Letters £25 The fee will vary depending on the length of the letter.

Day Care Patients

If you do not attend your programmed day care therapy session/s your insurer will not pay for your day care reviews with me and the fee for your appointments with me during that period will therefore be charged to you at the ' follow up ' rate. Self-funding day care patients will be charged the usual follow-up or cancellation fees.

Cancellation Policy

I will try to accommodate requests to reschedule appointments wherever possible but costs are incurred when changes are made at short notice.  I therefore require you to give at least 2 clear working day's notice to my secretary if you wish to cancel or change your appointment otherwise you will be charged the full fee for the missed appointment.
Please note that most health insurance companies will not generally cover the cancellation fee and you will be liable for this.
I am usually punctual but may occasionally be delayed in consultations, given the nature of the conditions I treat. If this occurs prior to your appointment, I will ensure you get your full appointment time but if you leave before waiting for 30 minutes, the full charge for the consultation will be payable by you.

Complaints Procedure

I will do my very best to inform you of various treatment options and discuss the ‘pros and cons’ of each so that your views can be fully taken into account before we reach a consensual agreement on your management plan. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care, please feel free to contact me as soon as you can so that any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. Should you remain dissatisfied, you can put your concerns in writing and use my formal complaint resolution procedure, which meets with the requirements set out by the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) for its members and also the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS).

Complaint Resolution Procedure

My aim is to provide you with personalised psychiatric care of a high standard. If however, you are unhappy with the service you have received from me, I would like to know about it as soon as possible so I can investigate your concerns and explain, apologise and take positive action where necessary. In most circumstances, if you tell me about your concern quickly, I can resolve matters straightaway. To let me know about something with which you are unhappy please contact my secretary Helen Morrissey in the first instance (+44 20 8392 4203 or or ).

If you are not fully satisfied you can put your concerns in writing and use my formal Complaint Resolution Procedure which meets with the requirements set out by the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) for its members and also the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS).

The Complaint Resolution Procedure has three stages and reflects the principles of the ISCAS Code of Practice:
Stage 1 Local resolution within the individual practice
Stage 2 Internal review
Stage 3 Independent Adjudication from ISCAS

Stage 1
To start the formal Complaint Resolution Procedure you should write to one of the following, depending on which location your appointment with me was conducted:

For patients seen at The Priory Hospital Roehampton:

Hospital Director,
The Priory Hospital Roehampton
Priory Lane
SW15 5JJ
T. 020 8876 8261

You should state what has caused you to have concerns and make your points clear. Please document when the relevant events took place and what results you expect from your complaint.

The Practice will send you an acknowledgement of your letter within three working days of receipt of the complaint (unless the practice is able to provide you with a full response within five days).

A full response to your complaint will be made within twenty days of the receipt of the complaint. If the investigation is still in progress after twenty days a letter will be sent to you explaining the delay and a full response made within five days of reaching a conclusion. In any event a holding letter will be sent every twenty days where an investigation is continuing.

Stage 2
If you remain dissatisfied following the final response from the practice, then you can request a review of your complaint, known as Stage 2.

For patients seen by me at The Priory, further details of the complaints procedure is available in a booklet which can be requested by email or post:

Group Complaints Manager Priory Group Northern Office
Middleton St George
Co. Durham

For patients who attended my clinics at Wilbraham Place Practice, please contact the Practice manager via the contact details under Stage 1.

Stage 3
This stage is only available to complainants who remain dissatisfied once Stage 1 and Stage 2 are exhausted.

A complainant should then request the Adjudication by writing to the Secretariat:

Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS) Care of CEDR - Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
International Dispute Resolution Centre
70 Fleet Street
London EC4Y 1EU
Tel: 0207 536 6091

This written request for adjudication must be made within 6 months of the final determination by the IDF at Stage 2. The complainant at Stage 3 should provide reasons to explain the dissatisfaction with the outcome of Stage 2. The ISCAS Secretariat will seek confirmation from the IDF that Stage 2 has been completed.
The ISCAS Secretariat will notify the IDF of a request for Stage 3 made directly within ten days. The Secretariat will then be the main contact for the complainant once Adjudication is started. A complainant accessing this service will be asked to consent to release of records from the practice and the IDF relevant to the complaint and a report will be made to the complainant, the practice and the IDF.
Additional information for patients about ISCAS can be found at:

Terms & Conditions of Payments

In the absence of prior written agreement to the contrary, payment is required on receipt of an invoice.  Failure to make payment within 28 days of the invoice date will result in the matter being referred to a debt collection agency whose charges will be added to, and payable with the invoice debt.  This may affect your personal credit rating.
Bijlani Consulting Limited no longer accepts personal cheques.


My secretary is based at the Priory Hospital Roehampton and your data will be stored on Priory’s care notes system. I will send letters summarising consultations with you by post or e-mail to people you consent to having a copy, such as your GP and psychotherapist. Copies of the letters will remain on Priory care notes systems and in paper files I will store securely for the legally required length of time. My secretary will retain your payment details including insurance company policy numbers and credit card details, until you are discharged from my care.

You will be asked to sign a consent form (Priory OP Form 10) at your first appointment to allow me to process your data in this manner and to confirm whether you wish me to utilise e-mail to communicate with you rather than post.

Legal Disclaimer

The content provided on this website is purely for information and is no way to be construed as a substitute for psychiatric assessment or management. I will only be able to provide medical advice following a personal consultation.
In keeping with General Medical Council Guidelines, once a doctor-patient relationship has been established following initial consultation and agreement of a management plan, I will endeavour to provide an appropriate level of psychiatric care for you. I will expect to meet you for regular reviews, the frequency of which will depend on individual circumstances, including severity of your symptoms. If we have not been able to meet following a gap of 6 months or more, without prior arrangement, then I will consider you as having self-discharged from my care, back to that of your GP. You will be able to resume contact with me at a later date, if you choose, but if the interval between consultations has been 12 months or longer, I would expect to meet with you for an hour long consultation, in order to obtain a thorough update.

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